Clearance didn't finish in time for Internship, still continueing

Hi all,

I was supposed to have an internship this summer and was going through the clearance process (TS). Poly, drug, and they already contacted most of my references but it still didn’t finish on time. They offered to continue it and give me a internship during the year, with a possible post grad/ full time position in the summer ( I’m graduating).

My question is it seems like nothing is happening as its been 4 months since the internship should of happened, so should I try to find something else? I don’t really want to start all over…

The clearance process and the internship are unrelated as far as your investigation goes. In other words, the investigators and adjudicators don’t care that your internship was supposed to start four months ago.

It hurts you in no way to continue your process and see what happens in the future. If the process completes in the future, you will have about two years to use it before it goes out of scope. So, continuing keeps your options open.

However, I never suggest putting all of your eggs in one basket. Don’t put your career on hold waiting for this opportunity.