Any information on internship timeline?


Hey all. New here and wondering if anyone has an expected timeline for clearances granted for IC internships. I applied for a Summer 2019 internship so I am under the assumption that it will be done by May/June but after reading this thread, I’m not entirely sure. This is what has happened so far:

July 2018: Application
Early Oct 2018: In-person interview
Mid-Oct 2018: COE
Nov 2018: SF-86 submitted
Jan 2019: SF-86 interview? That’s what the woman called it but we basically went over everything I wrote down.
Feb 2019: Contacts were telling me they met an investigator.
Mar 2019: Met with investigator.
Mar 2019: Updated SF-86.
Early-Apr 2019: Scheduled for med/psych/poly.

I got into a car accident in recently which is why I updated the SF-86 to reflect that. I was summoned to court but didn’t want to go and waste time so I accepted the blame and paid the $100 ticket. Does this have any strong negative affect on the clearance process?


If they hired you and want you cleared or atleast a decision made by summer, then that’s what they will do, dont worry about the timeline, they do the internships every year and I’m sure they have a fast track setup.