Any information on internship timeline?

Hey all. New here and wondering if anyone has an expected timeline for clearances granted for IC internships. I applied for a Summer 2019 internship so I am under the assumption that it will be done by May/June but after reading this thread, I’m not entirely sure. This is what has happened so far:

July 2018: Application
Early Oct 2018: In-person interview
Mid-Oct 2018: COE
Nov 2018: SF-86 submitted
Jan 2019: SF-86 interview? That’s what the woman called it but we basically went over everything I wrote down.
Feb 2019: Contacts were telling me they met an investigator.
Mar 2019: Met with investigator.
Mar 2019: Updated SF-86.
Early-Apr 2019: Scheduled for med/psych/poly.

I got into a car accident in recently which is why I updated the SF-86 to reflect that. I was summoned to court but didn’t want to go and waste time so I accepted the blame and paid the $100 ticket. Does this have any strong negative affect on the clearance process?

If they hired you and want you cleared or atleast a decision made by summer, then that’s what they will do, dont worry about the timeline, they do the internships every year and I’m sure they have a fast track setup.

Hey @gradstudent. I’m assuming you didn’t apply for the DO internship since it is for undergraduates. By chance, did you know if your internship is for this summer or for next summer because of a long processing?

@newtothis1 I saw your concern on another post and I’m in the same boat as you.

If you were hired for 2019, they’ll try to get you in by 2019. If you do some googling around the consensus seems to be that adjudication will usually be around a month for your org, so I wouldn’t stress it anyway.

Worst case scenario you’ll be there next summer, they aren’t going to waste of year of work on you.

@James1219 Yeah I’ve been trying to look around for internship specific timelines but haven’t had much luck. I’m just worried about making sure I have relevant experience for the summer and didn’t just waste this break.