Having a Sexual Relationship with a Foreign National Housekeeper: Clearance Denied

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Many government contractors live and work all over the world in areas where family members cannot go. Locals are hired to take care of basic necessities such as food services, laundry, and housecleaning. Naturally, it is tempting to engage in extracurricular activities, as well. However, if you hold a security clearance you should think twice…

This to me is odd. How did Bill Clinton remain president and have his clearance then?

How did Timothy Geithner become Treasury Secretary (and thus head of the IRS) despite failing to pay taxes? Rules like this are for us little people.

It is ok for a married US citizen with secret level security clearance marry a foreign national? Renewed his security clearance months after the wedding overseas and lie in his SF-86 about the marriage abroad?

Nope, definitely not okay! A change in marital status is a mandatory reporting requirement for a clearance holder, and throw in the fact that she is a foreign national? Houston- we have a problem!

Yes she is a foreign national. He recently also had an affair in another country overseas with their household helper which is another foreign national but the company he works for seem to be ok with it.

Rules for the little people. Sounds like a book someone should write.

I wrote Yale an email but they wouldn’t answer me because I was not a student there. I’d like to know where they got their information from. Would anyone like to email them and try to find out? They won’t answer little old me.

As President of the US you do not need a clearance.