Heavy college drug use

I am a recent college graduate, and I was a heavy marijuana smoker while in school. A mix of hanging out with the wrong people, covid, and bad environment led me down this path. I matured and realized after I graduated I needed to leave to fix myslef. I no longer associate with those people as they were bad for my physical and mental help(more than six months ago). However, its only been a month since I quit. I also had infrequent use stimulant use when I was in high school and early college, but quit over 2 years ago. Should I wait to apply for a clearance job, and if so how long? Other than marijuana I have a clean record.

The standards here are changing rapidly. Your age (young) and the change in circumstances are factors in your favor. Since it is likely to take some time to get a job offer, you might as well start looking and applying now.

Thought I saw an article about this recently but cant find the link.


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I would just apply and hope for the best. Honestly time is a mitigating factor and the fact that this was so recent is not great, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply at all. The fact that you don’t have any other compounding issues (police record, etc) is helpful.

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