HELP! Ex Cohabitant Still On Lease Question


I am currently filling out a security clearance application on e-Qip and have a question regarding cohabitants. I recently just got out of a long term relationship with whom I was living with my partner in an apartment. My (now ex) partner also holds dual citizenship from the U.S. and another country. Recently, just last month we decided to end our relationship permanently (before completion of the (SF) 86 form). We are no longer living together as they have moved out and, fortunately, our lease is up in one month so we are both still paying rent on it so we don’t break the lease. Should I still list this person as a current cohabitant who was not born in the U.S. (even though we are not currently living together though we share the same lease), or just consider them a roommate?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and PLEASE let me know.

Per the definition and your question you currently do not reside with this person. I would guess the investigator would be interested in your ex when investigating you.

“Do you presently reside with a person, other than a spouse or legally recognized civil union/domestic partner, with whom you share bonds of affection, obligation or other commitment, as opposed to a person with whom you live for reasons of convenience (e.g. a roommate)?”

No but he/she’s a foreign contact that needs to be listed.