question about foreign housemates

I think I have a foreign housemate, but I don’t even know the person’s name. I don’t actually know any of my housemates’ names. We pay for our own rooms to the owner of the house and keep to ourselves. What do I put down on the foreign contacts section?

The best person to ask this question is the security specialist at your agency/company. Nonetheless, this reportable. I am not sure which section but you can list them under Section 17 (cohabitant part) OR you can list them on the past page. You will need to know their names, all of them.

Regardless, I would recommend you to start the process of moving out and be careful with who you will be sharing space.

I suggest you read the instructions carefully and provide the information that is being asked for. If uncertain, refer to the security office of your sponsor. I remember that it says you should be bound to them emotionally, financially, or some obligation. They certainly ARE NOT cohabitants. I believe the SF86 clearly defines cohabitants as romantic/sexual partners and NOT housemates. Again, please read the form and instructions carefully and you should be fine.

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I see what you meant and I had similar understanding initially. However, I was directed to list a foreign housemate under section 17 per my security specialist and background investigator. The question could have been better written; nonetheless, the intent of that question is to list those who you share personal spaces (ie: a dwelling).

That’s not true and anyone who told you that is wrong.

First, these are other tenants in a rental that you occupy. These are not really roommates or even housemates. During my BI interview in 2/2017, it came out that I had worked closely with many foreign nationals, on H1B visas, and I had not reported it on my SF-86. I explained that I hadn’t even thought of them while filling it out because we didn’t socialize, I didn’t know many of their names and we never really even had any personal discussions. This was noted in the report from my investigator but was not among the items on my eventual SOR which was all about financial issues.

In the end, you have no close personal contact or alligience to any of these people and they have never had any influence over you. You need to describe the situation but I wouldn’t worry about it.