Foreign National Roommate - How big of a problem is this?

I’m currently in the process for a TS/SCI position with a contractor that works with an IC agency.

I moved into an apartment and had signed a lease, but two months into the lease, one of my two roommates moved in with his girlfriend, which meant that the remaining roommate and I needed to find a new roommate. My remaining roommate went ahead and took over the process of finding and interviewing a new roommate since I work long hours and am usually not home anywhere close to a reasonable time. The new roommate went ahead and took over the departing roommate’s lease.

Right before she moved in, I found out from my roommate that she’s not a US citizen and is actually a green card holder from a non-adversarial country. I went ahead and reported her as a foreign contact for obvious reasons, but how big of a problem is it that I’m currently roommates with a foreign national? I think I maybe talk to her once a week at most since I don’t spend that much time in my apartment except to sleep. Obviously, I plan on moving out if I’m cleared.

Correct to report it but don’t expect it to be a big deal. If you get cleared, there will not be any need to move.


I know a guy in the same situation, he just reported it on his forms, discussed it during the subject interview, and there were no issues. If they are a Legal Permanent Resident (LPR, the formal term for a green card holder)(and a green card isnt even green but that’s another post for someone else to write) that is even less of a concern.

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