Cleaning person's legal status

My boyfriend hires a woman from a Latin American country to clean my apartment every couple of weeks. I don’t know her visa status, but I know he pays her using checks or a cash-transfer service like Venmo. I realized that it could be an issue for my current clearance and future clearances to have a potentially undocumented person or someone who doesn’t have a US work visa performing this work. Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed? I think I probably should figure out a way to determine if she has a visa. If she does, no problem, case closed. If not, should I sever ties? Is this something I’d need to report in a reinvestigation?

No, let it go. A foreign contact is essentially someone whom you know to be a foreign national and with whom you’re bound by affection, obligation, or common interest.

You don’t the first condition and chances are good she doesn’t fit the definition of the second. And do not presume anything regarding this cleaning woman’s status as that could cause trouble for you.

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Thanks, GoNats. When you say ‘let it go,’ do you mean that I shouldn’t think anything more of this and stop worrying about it, or that I should cease the relationship with the cleaner?

If you have a public trust I wouldn’t worry about it too much. If you have a “clearance” as in a secret or top secret then this needs to be reported as a foreign contact.