Potential illegal alien household worker - clearance impact?

I have a housekeeper/maid that has worked for me for several years who I suspect is not a legal US resident. I have not verified to this point. She only works a few hours, twice a month. My question is about how to handle this situation and it’s impact on my future security clearance.

If she is, in fact, not a legal resident will this negatively affect my clearance request? If I verify her status and discontinue using her services immediately (if she is not a legal resident) will that be better for the clearance?


The employer is the one responsible for verifying an individual’s legal status to work in the U.S. If the individual is here illegally or only on a tourist or student visa they cannot be legally employed. My advice to you is to find out her status, and if she is not here legally then discontinue using her and notify your security officer of the situation and circumstances. This should absolve you of any further responsibilities and will not reflect negatively on you.