How Does the Budgetary Situation Impact DIA’s Hiring Pool?

Hi all,

My question is exactly the title of this thread. Do the continuing resolutions impact the hiring pool at all? For example, are the billets in the pool limited because of the uncertain budgetary situation?

I’ve had a miserable experience with both the HR and security offices. I just entered the hiring pool last week after having to hound HR to find security’s notification of a successful adjudication.

I’m not hopeful the hiring pool will be any better and I am debating whether I jump ■■■■ to a contractor job.

There are a number of factors that come into play here but for the most part I dont think there is a direct correlation. They went to some kind of career field structure maybe ten years ago now, and the frequency of job offers varied widely across the career fields… some got FJOs practically as soon as they cleared, others waited months. But this was largely due to other factors with no direct correlation to continuing resolutions, which have become routine these past few years.

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