Final Suitability Review.

I am waiting to get through adjudication, but If I get a favorable descision, how likely is it I could still get refused at this stage?

If you mean for employment, the employer can do whatever they want pending their budget or per needs of the agency. Favorable adjudication is its own thing. If you receive some sort of EOD/start date you should be alright.

There are a few cases where this could happen. The State Dept, for example, puts cleared candidates on a “register” but depending on various factors a person might not get hired and “time off” the register.

In other cases, it takes such a long time for the candidate to clear that the original vacancy has been filled. I think the agency may then try to find another open slot but if that doesn’t work, you don’t get an offer.

However, at that point you should have a completed investigation, which other employers may be able to pick up and make you an offer.

The only reason I can think of being favorably granted a clearance and not getting the position is things like the position closed or is filled by another person. Other issues like a change in mission needs or budgetary changes can prevent you from starting

Good luck, Swanbe. Let us know how your review turns out.

Thank you. I have been waiting for about a year and a couple of months. I am willing to wait, but it would be nice to know.