“Favorable with a waiver”

DISS says DODCAF adjudicated my investigation as “Favorable with a waiver.” This was a few months ago, but the clearance still hasn’t populated in my DISS profile. Am I waiting on another adjudication to complete? I thought DODCAF was the final step.

Also, favorable with a waiver means I’m good to go, right? There was some kind of issue found in my investigation, but they decided to waive it? I haven’t been notified to sign any waivers.

I have seen people on this forum mention getting cleared but also receiving some kind of letter that basically said “don’t do that anymore” regarding whatever issue was uncovered. But I dont know any more than that.

If it is “favorable with a waiver” then I guess somebody has to grant that waiver. Somebody else posted on here a story about getting an interim clearance if it was approved by the new unit.

It means you’re on thin ice and should tread carefully. They are watching you like a hawk.

There are two types of waivers–those granted under the Bond Amendment and those granted in accordance with Appendix C of Security Executive Agent Directive 4 (the National Security Adjudicative Guidelines).

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As well, a waiver means other agencies don’t have to accept reciprocity for your background investigation because your clearance was granted with a waiver.

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