Suitability Processing vs. X?

Hey peeps! So is suitability processing the same as being in active adjudication? Does one come before the other or do both refer to the same thing? For ex, is Suitability Processing typically the last step within adjudication?

Thx in advance for any clarity.

Nope, they are two different things. Your suitability has nothing to do with the 13 adjudicative guidelines. This is per agency policy and you will probably have a hard time finding anything online regarding this. You can be denied a position due to suitability without being denied a clearance.

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Suitability can come at any time (before, during or after).

A lot of times, the hiring company/agency looks at your sf86 answers and determines if you would be a good candidate to even put you through the clearance process.

Some other times, it comes later in the process in the form of polygraph/psych eval findings, investigation discoveries or other.

While you may be unsuitable for one agency, you may be found suitable with another.

And like Velcro said, it’s their way of turning you down for any reason they may have, without formally denying you of a clearance.

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