Can you clarify few things?


I would greatly appreciate it if someone can clarify few things. I submitted my sf86 in April. In May, I was asked to submit additional info. In June, I met with a BI and he contacted everyone who was listed and even developed few more ones. Since then, I have heard nothing. Every month, I get either a call or and email telling me that I am still in processing. Please forgive me for the many questions. Thank you

-what does processing mean?
-What happens after you meet with your BI?
-When do you know you are in adjudication?
-What does suitability mean?

Processing means the investigation is proceeding or being reviewed by management levels
After you meet with the BI, they verify your stories, check your background…if scope requires they check verifiers and references.
Once the BI closes out, it goes to adjudication. You will likely not be told that. It is the step where the bI, Poly if you took one, is read and evaluated using the whole person concept…is something a blip…an unpaid bill but 840 credit score, or is it a pattern of not paying bills?
Suitability means are you acceptable…suitable for a clearance based on the standards.You may trust yourself, but what does the record show? Do you play by society’s rules, pay your bills?, follow traffic laws?, keep a clean criminal record?, taxes paid?