How’s that CE/CV Working?

Daily Wire report March 5, 2020, Pentagon contractor, Mariam Taha Thompson 61, arrested for providing classified info to Terrorist group. Was she in CE/CV and Trusted Workforce? If so, is this the first failed case of CE/CV? Anyone know?

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Jumping to conclusions always works best.


It was a question not a statement.


If so better sweep that one under the rug real quick.

CE/CV WILL NOT catch a cleared person from going bad. You can’t blame this on the CE/CV process. But on another note, she was caught, soooooooooo

It is bad enough that this happened (and in my brilliant assessment, too early to blame on CE) but what about the boneheads that allowed this person access to sensitive data? If this person was strictly a cleared translator, why are they looking at sensitive info?

CE/CV will not stop anyone from doing something, that’s obviously not the purpose of CE/CV.

It’s only a tool to flag some issues.

In any event. The talk from many seem to suggest CE/CV and elimination of SUBJECT Re-Interviews, are the new norm, which in turn seems to be where BI’s are seeing no work and thus, leaving the industry.

Going from 700,000 cases to 200,000 cases in a few months seems to possibly suggest an unbalanced approach to reducing case load??.

Just a rhetorical question and thought process. Not a statement or belief on my part. Food for thought maybe.

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The real problem is that we are focusing on people’s backgrounds to determine how they will act in the future. The only real way to combat any sort of leaks is to implement a system much like the one from the hit blockbuster movie Minority Report, which would allow us to see into future and catch classified info leaks before they happen.


This breach was the result of a “honey pot” . . . This type of tactic is difficult to fight with clearance checks, including CE. I don’t know if someone could have seen that she was seeing someone in country with shady connections. From my reading, it’s unclear that she had access to the data that she passed or how she accessed if she did not.