How to determine "moderate" or "high" risk?

Is there some way I can figure out whether my most recent background investigation was adjudicated at the “high risk” or moderate risk" level?

Here is what I do know:

  • My position’s sensitivity is “Non-critical Sensitive”
  • I filled out the SF86 “Questionnaire for National Security Positions”

Would a FOIA request for my most recent BI contain the risk level?

I am seeking employment with a different agency that requires a “high risk” SSBI and would like to have a better idea of whether my current BI would be reciprocated. I could ask my current employer, but I don’t want them to know I’m looking elsewhere just yet.

I appreciate any ideas.

Look at this link for the correct terminology and investigation types, SSBIs are a thing of the past: A Guide to Position Designation and Investigation Type | ClearanceJobs Blog

The simplest way is to ask the FSO who submitted your investigation as to whether it is a T3 or T5.

What is your position title?

I appreciate it. Thank you. And that is my confusion, that the noncritical-sensitive can be either “moderate” risk or “high” risk.

I will most likely just end up asking my employer for clarification.

The agency I’m looking into used the word “SSBI” in the recent outreach notice they released.
Unfortunately I’m finding that some agencies are vague or inconsistent when describing their background investigation requirements. Not to mention using outdated terminology.

Per OPM, my title is “Law Enforcement Officer”.

I’m a uniformed officer for a federal agency.

And I’m not so sure that an FSO would necessarily know the type of investigation. I’ve met some FSO’s who really knew their jobs but I’m not sure they would have that particular bit of knowledge.

Of course that might be the result of never having worked in the “public trust” arena.

I sent out a few emails to folks who might now. Hopefully I’ll hear back soon.

I found a copy of my agency’s policy dated 2020 which states that noncritical sensitive positions get Tier 3 investigations.

And I also found that the agency I’d like to work for does what they call “moderate risk public trust (code 5)” which from my research seems to be a Tier 2.

Hope fully in the future, agencies start putting the Tier number in the announcement. That would be much clearer.

Best place to find out that information is during the interview. The job announcement is often incorrect, in my experience.