How/What to Write to the Congressman

How to Write to my Congressman

‎1. What can a Congressional Member do for me? ‎
‎2. How to format my request? Please guide.‎

SUMMARY: My attorneys are trying to ascertain the process to appeal DoD’s ‎denial of ‎my ‎security clearance. My firm’s SSO referred us to DSS, DSS referred ‎us to DOHA, no ‎answer ‎there. So we have addressed the head of the Defense Legal Services ‎Agency ‎and hoping to hear ‎anything back. Meanwhile, I want to reach out to my Congressman. I live in MD.

DETAILS: I am a DoD Federal contractor since 2009. In 2011 I ‎passed a CI Poly and in ‎‎2012 I was ‎granted TS/SCI by the Dept of Army. In 2013, while employed on a USAF ‎contract, I received an ‎offer to work with the CIA as a ‎contractor. In 2013, I passed their ‎LS Poly. In March 2015, the ‎CIA declined to grant me a ‎clearance and provided a SOR. ‎It was based on Foreign Influence ‎and was a major ‎misinterpretation on the ‎interviewer’s part whose only contact with me was ‎over the phone. ‎Nothing was found ‎derogatory by CIA’s own investigation.‎

I was advised that in order to appeal a review of CIA’s decision, I should send a written ‎request ‎‎within 45 days of receipt of the SOR. The SOR also stated that my potential ‎new company’s SSO ‎‎may resubmit me for a security approval with the CIA one year ‎after the date of disapproval. ‎Feeling overwhelmed and defeated as well as ‎underfunded, I decided to choose the latter ‎‎option, i.e., to wait a year. ‎

However, in December 2015, while still employed on the USAF contract I was denied ‎Site Access ‎‎by the NSA. I was informed a SOR would not be provided because I still ‎had my TS/SCI with the ‎‎Dept of Army/DoD. I worked from home until March 2016, ‎when I received employment on a ‎‎Dept of Army contract. I possess correspondence to ‎prove the new firm was made aware of my ‎‎situation. In February 2018, I phoned ‎Scattered Castle (SC) Helpdesk to install certain ‎‎certificates. SC Helpdesk saw the CIA ‎clearance denial and panicked. I was escorted out of my ‎‎office.‎

In March 2018, I was informed over the phone by my SSO that DoD CAF contacted ‎him, also by ‎‎phone, to state that a SOR will not be issued due to reciprocity with CIA ‎denial. In April 2018, ‎the FSO notified via email that the PSMO stopped my PR due to ‎the February ‎‎2018, ‎denial/revocation. Though the SSO is authorized to resubmit me in ‎February 2019 as ‎initial ‎investigation, my firm decided to stand down on clearance ‎processing.‎

Initially, in March 2018, my firm decided to let me go as I no longer fulfilled their security ‎‎‎clearance requirement. However, I was able to convince them to keep me on unpaid ‎status so ‎‎that my clearance remains sponsored. I am on an admin leave without pay ‎since then, and face ‎‎termination in June 2018, due to an inability to appeal ‎a decision to revoke my ‎security ‎clearance based on another agency’s final decision.‎

I did not receive a SOR from DoD. Without it, I have no due process. We want to ‎determine ‎where that process ‎lies and to whom we address an appeal.‎ The most ‎important need at this ‎time is to ascertain whether, based on reciprocity, the DoD has ‎‎ceded control over its security ‎clearance decision making to other agencies, in ‎this ‎case, the CIA. If there are no further due ‎process avenues available to me, I should be ‎‎notified so I can make appropriate plans. If, ‎however, the policy ‎has been misstated to ‎me by not issuing me a SOR, I should receive the SOR ‎as soon as possible so that ‎we ‎can begin the process to respond.‎

Thank you for reading thus far. I need your input on how to write and reach out to my ‎‎congressional member. At this point, I do not even know what question to ask this ‎community ‎regarding a writing/contacting a congressman. ‎


There is no uniform way on that. However, I think it would be best to write in Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) format, then write timeline of the issue. Your congressional representative will most likely forward the letter to whomever. All in all, I would certainly recommend you to go to one of their nearby offices and talk to your representative (you will probably end up talking to the representative staff member(s)).


Thank you for your insight, @AWoodhull. I will keep your advice in mind.

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I don’t believe reaching out to your congressional member will help you. It doesn’t hurt to try, but they will likely tell you that anything having to do with adjudication is outside of their control.

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I’d say, based on actual experience, that you’ll need to forget about the CIA.
They simply don’t extend second chances to applicants, even if they did encourage you to re-apply.

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Here is an interesting twist on my situation:

On 01 May 2018, after some do-loops, my ‎attorney contacted the head of the Defense Legal ‎Services Agency to ‎ascertain whether, based on reciprocity; the DoD had ceded ‎control over its ‎security clearance ‎decision making to other agencies, in this ‎case, the CIA. "If there are no further due process avenues available to my ‎client, we must be notified as soon as ‎possible so she can make appropriate ‎professional plans. If, however, the policy has been ‎misstated to her by not ‎issuing her an SOR, we require the SOR just as quickly so that we can ‎begin the ‎process to respond.‎"‎ ‎On 02 May 2018, DoD reinstated my TS. Firm is authorized to re-initiate the PR. ‎

On 08 May, my client the Dept of Army, rejected my firm’s request to grant me SCI until a new ‎investigation is completed.‎ Same day I submitted the eQIP to start the PR.‎

When you get a moment is there anyway you and I can have some type of correspondence over email, or phone? Your situation is very similar to mine and I hope that maybe we could help each other.

Hi Ryan, I would like to talk further, sure!

Which method of contact would you prefer?

What is it that you need to discuss outside of this platform. I do not see a private message option here.

Hi Ryan, sorry for delayed response. I hired clearance lawyers, who helped reinstate my TS. DoD CAF, however, withheld the SCI; a requirement for me to go back to work. My contractor/employer terminated me with eligibility to rehire once I resolve the issue. Sadly, I cannot proceed if there is no one to hold my clearance. Does this give you some clarity? Feel free to ask or share.

I’d like the name of your clearance lawyer, if you are able to provide me with it.

I’m also curious how you got your TS reinstated. I’m in a similar situation where NSA gave me an SCI denial, and I’ve heard no word from DoD on my TS.

I was let go from my contracting firm in February, but I’m in the IRR, and unsure if the Army can still ‘hold my clearance’ that I had before joining the contracting firm.


Is it possible that I take few minutes of your time? I have a similar and perhaps a bit complex situation and I don’t know how to resolve. Thank you for your time in advance!

Hi everyone, I have responded here a few times but it does not seem to appear or receive approval. I am sorry for the delay. If there are any updates with your case(s), please do share. I would highly recommend getting a clearance attorney.