How would you like your new company to support you?

We all are moving on to new companies (hopefully). With what we learned from our previous employer, what would you like to convey to your new employer in how you would like to be treated?

Respect and loyalty is a two-way street and consistently insulting employees intelligence, is in no way respectful or fostering of an environment of loyalty. With USIS it was always hard to keep a straight face whenever they wanted to extoll the virtues of honesty, integrity and ethics… things they were most guilty of blatantly violating in many forms, and displayed terrible judgment in trying to hide what was so transparent. The workforce are not the mindless sheep we are taken for.

Never saw any positive leading by example that made one want to fall on their own sword in total blind obedience. Alienating the workforce is one of the most bizarre motivational tactics I’ve ever seen and is not far removed from the statement: “The beatings will continue, until the morale improves!”

If management has to even acknowledge that there are morale “problems” (as USIS did so often) after the fact, then they have already failed miserably. Acknowledging what we already know, does nothing but display ineptitude and a complete lack of honest concern to actually do anything appreciable about it! We have long memories and I never once saw USIS be serious about fixing the problem properly.

For an agency tasked with something supposedly so important to national security, I never saw such a bigger comedy of errors! It would’ve actually been funny as fiction, if it had not been so true.



I agree with what you said in every aspect, however, as long as National Security Investigations are going to be handled by contractors in order to make a profit there will be no company in the contractor sector that will treat us with dignity, respect, or loyalty. If your not performing unreasonable demands of the workload that will be expected whether you signed on with CACI or Keypoint Government Solutions then you will be eventually demoted and grinder out of this cutthroat industry. We all should be looking very seriously at career changes and different job opportunities as often as possible.

It all flows downhill, so, B.S. in? Then B.S. out!

It’s amazing that USIS did not implode sooner from all the B.S. they fed their workforce over the years. But true to form, Karma finally caught up with it, just as it will anyone else that wants to try the same thing.

There are studies that show that a happy workforce is more productive, so all of the new players have a decision they need to make on how productive they really truly want to be. Time will tell, but I only expect more of the same.

“Money talks and B.S. walks!” USIS’s B.S. made many good workers walk when it was clearly demonstrated that money was not talking! “As ye sow, so shall ye reap!”

Not shedding a tear for USIS getting what they deserved!