I got my security clearance but what can cost me to lose it?

I’m an undergrad engineering student and I have an internship for summer with a defense contractor. I already obtained my interim/final security clearance and the intership starts in less 3 weeks or so.

The reason why I’m worried is because of a reference. I put my friend(no longer friends) and his address down as one of the reference for verification.

The problem he is upset and thinks I’m emotional.

Long story short, we were in the same programing class last semester. We had to work very hard and we struggled. But I managed to pass the class and he failed. I tried to help him out as much as I could and there were times I got frustrated at him because he didn’t put in any work in order to meet half way. I gave him answers a lot of the times, I also tried to help him understand or try to work on programs together by reading the direction carefully etc. He did not do a very good job at it at all and I got frustrated at him a lot because I would try very hard to read and come up with logical step by step solution, he’d be totally clueless. I’d give him what i came up with, he wouldn’t even be able to understand, nor bother to read the prompt and waste his time and ask “hey how do i do this?” Now he’s upset that he didn’t pass the class, claiming that he would’ve figured things out if I didn’t get frustrated at him when he was clearly lost. I don’t justify about me getting frustrated at him or showing him emotions but sometimes it was like that. Not like I cursed him or used profanities. I got frustrated because he refused to meet half way and wanted me or others to show him everything step by step even when he was given the answers.
He literally told me was “all you did was give me answers” what an ungrateful immature student he is.

I’m worried that he might put an unfavorable view about me and cost my security clearance. But I have no plans on to be on my knees nor plan on trying to convince him for a favorable review. I have no influence on that and that’d be illegal

Tell your Investigator re the falling out and give other references. One unfavorable review from a ref. will not cost you a clearance. If he is the only one that speaks ill of you, it will be apparent to the Investigator and adjudicator that something is off. A clearance is based on the “whole person” concept, not one ref. Don’t sweat it, just tell the truth.

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Friend will probably say you are emotional and investigator will prove. It’ll go in the report. He may come back and ask you about it. They have been to College or government employees have and get it that college students get stressed. Then again he may not say anything at all

Thank you. Since your name literally says comp sci, I guess you can relate to it. I’m not proud of what he should’ve walked away if he thinks I was overbaring. He stuck around so he can benefit from me trying to help him. The problem is that he FAILED the class and it seems like he’s blaming me, which I won’t put up with. I don’t plan on trying to make an attempt influencing him. But I am a bit worried about losing an internship because he also seems jealous about me landing an internship.

Thank you. I’m not going to attempt to influence him to write me a favorable review since that would be illegal. It it what it is and I’m glad that I told him what I told him because I don’t want to babysit him since he should be a hardworking responsible adult. His reasoning is bs and he when i brought this up he was uncomfortable with the fact that i brought it up because he knows the truth. He wanted easy way out, wanted to be spoonfed. Who complains that they’re not provided with step by step explanations of the answer when they can’t figure out the work they’re supposed to do? I won’t put up with bulls**t excuses. He got what he deserved, a FAIL grade that puts him behind schedule for graduation. I regret wasting time with him trying to help him pull himself up.

Unless he throws you under the bus and tells the investigator the you are a monster that used drugs and is violent among other things, I think you are being too emotional worrying about this. :thinking: Hmmm, maybe he has a point. LOL relax.

Even if he does make up all sorts of stuff if it comes from one source, its not going to be weighted very heavily if at all.

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Literally no investigator cares how you did in Algorithms and Data Structures class. They’ll go to the college to ask about you. Get your gpa and degree info most likely. Might talk to a professor or two who might remember you. Roommates etc. it’s a whole person review not one stupid guys opinion. Pull your file years later and have a laugh. I had a neighbor say I worked at a roadside stand with him. I never did. It’s not factual and it didn’t hurt either. I didn’t know until decades later when I pulled my file.

I appreciated this blog can heal worries and much less pain and anxiety. Had read all the incidences as much as I can as a first time job applicant with clearance. Needs advise.

Months ago, I withdrew my application and it’s not in adjudicated yet. I still get numerous calls from my investigators, as for my references, too.
1.Do I still need to contact my investigator for a correction? e.g. If I forgot and missed two trips on my oversea travels in the past seven years on e-qip.
2.Will it be ok that my references decline to answer since, I’m no longer taking the position?

There is a reason colleges and universities hire professors. Unless you were being paid, it was not your job to teach another student. Put this behind you, and move on. This is not that big of a deal. :slight_smile:

If you withdrew the application and you are no longer interested in the position or the clearance, your references can decline to be interviewed (it’s voluntary). Let your investigator know as well that you do not wish to proceed with the process.

Do I still need to contact my investigator for a correction? e.g. If I forgot and missed two trips on my oversea travels in the past seven years on e-qip.

If you are no longer going through with the investigation/application/position, I don’t see how that’s relevant. If you don’t want them to work on your background investigation, then you don’t need to update it. If you DO want the job/clearance and want them continue with your background investigation, then you should volunteer the omitted travel.

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I have dual citizenship. The trip, I used my foreign passport enter/exit Taiwan to see my mother. Is/Will it becoming/become questionable under this circumstance?

May I put this behind, and move on? I am not a clearance holder and no longer taking the position/ Sf-85P clearance. Correct me if I’m wrong

Yes. End of story. You dont need to answer any further questions, you do not want a clearance.