I have a pretty bad case and wonder if I will pass Public Trust background check

I would like to hear your opinion on this case.

1/ last use LSD was 2018, Used it 5 times in 2016-2017 (plus one more in 2018).

2/ Smoked a lot of weeds in 2014-2017.

all drug uses stopped after 2018. after 2018, I started a new job that required random drug test. I also made a decision to stop using them after that. I felt like it was time to stop.

3/ got bullied in a job (2017). it got so bad I had to walk out. My manager was nice enough to offer me to work at a different location but I denied.

4/ 2014-2016: I tried making funny gaming youtube videos. thought I could be something. but not really. made a lot off stereotype jokes in these videos. Now I look back and think it’s inappropriate. I recently deleted all the videos I made. However, I shared them to many facebook groups and won’t be able to remember where i shared them. So I can’t really delete every post.

5/ I freelance virtual staging photos for real estate agents (you photoshop vacant room photos to full furnished rooms so they can rent out apartments fasters). I actually don’t do the work. I got some people from Vietnam do it for me. I’m just the middle guy. We share profits 50/50. I made a website for this side hustle but then thought it was illegal so I deleted the website.

6/ no criminal background, don’t even know what a police station looks like except from movies. good credits.

7/ Please what do you think about my chances of getting the public trust? It’s an IT position so I’m pretty sure this is a High Risk Public Trust. If you think I disclose all of this and still get denied, please let me know now so I can continue applying for other jobs.

8/ I know my case is special so it will take long before I get my EOD (Hiring manager told me this is what I will get first so I can start working early). Should I accept future job offers with contracts that last only 3-6 months? I want to gain IT experience while waiting for the EOD. So when the investtigator see that I accepted another offer beside the current one, would that be considered unethical and might get me failed this background check?

I really don’t want to just wait for who knows how long while my friends are just advancing in the IT field and I’m not.

Thank you so much.

Why don’t you apply for the job, go through the security process, and find out yourself? You’ll have a better answer than any of us here.

Exactly what Harpoon said! Apply and see what happens.

Thank you. I got the offer, currently waiting for standard background check. and the reason is in number 7 and 8.

When it comes to a case with this much going on, your only option is to just go for it and see what happens. You really never know. My only advice would be to explore other employment avenues in the meantime just in case. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and don’t be surprised if you’re denied

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