Is it worth going for a public trust clearance with personal conduct background?

So I applied for a job as a software engineering consultant and if I accept the company will be sponsoring me for a public trust clearance. About 8 years ago I went for a polygraph clearance and was denied for both my drug use in my past(marijuana and few instances of cocaine) and the fact that I left out some details about my drug use in my original forms when applying for that clearance. I admitted to the extent of the drug use during the polygraph so it proves I was lying on my original forms. I think I’m pretty much screwed for life because of this even though I haven’t used drugs in 5 years and when I lied on that form I was young and overwhelmed but that is my only defense. I think my chances of even getting a public trust are slim to none because of the lying but want to see if there is any hope or advice. Thanks

Hi Ben. Eight years is a long time ago. Assuming that you have been drug free for the five years and completely honest on all your public trust forms about your past, I think you have a decent shot at being favorably adjudicated for a public trust position.

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Thank you so much, i wasn’t going to go for it but I think I will now. I thought the whole lying on the forms thing and getting caught in poly was pretty hard to come back from based on what I’ve seen on these forums and my own experience