I was falsely acused of DV w/ T5 secret

I Jan/21, I falsely acused of domestic violence by my ex girlfriend. I wanted to end and she wanted to stay with the car and the apartment.
She started to hurt herself and punching me, the cops arrived and they took me in.

I was 11 months in my probationary period with CBP, and the Union Representative said that they couldn’t do anything to help me bc of the probationary period. The best suggestion was for me to resign before they disconnected me from my non-armed office position.

Last week the D.A. dropped all charges against me. However, I went to jail where I spent 14 hours sitting in a office.

I was selected, and passed on all assessments for Revenue Officer with the IRS, and I have an interview next month.

She totally lied about everything, now I have a protective order against her for 36 months.

How much of a up hill battle do I have to go through the BI? PT I think…

With no charges, but with the arrest do I even have a chance?

Thanks in advance…

To me, as a former background investigator (BI) for many years, your situation doesn’t strike me as too bad. Especially if it involves just the one incident (i.e., not multiple police calls, no priors, etc.). Trust me, what you describe is not uncommon. Hopefully for the public trust investigation there will be an interview and you can lay this all out.

You have a big advantage going for you. Adjudicators who make the final decision on clearances are smart and experienced and have seen it all. But most of all they’re fair and take into consideration the ‘whole person’ and not just an outlier incident/arrest. All charges were dropped which corroborates your story.

Be positive. And when you get the new gig be grateful and pay it forward.


You brought a big smile to my face.
I never ever ever had any problem with the law.

I am still coping that I had to quit my CBP job.

Thank you so much for the response.


Do you have any knowledge if I have a protective order against me that would hurt my BI? All charges against me were dismissed, but the DA placed a protective order against me.

So you guys have protective orders against each other? Was this a court administrative decision? What is the reason you have an order against you?

Go to the PD in question and request a print out of your record and/or talk with a friendly desk sergeant— if there’s one there— about your situation. Each jurisdiction is different.

Nb: many times there is an extant arrest record with the feds which has been expunged by the arresting police department (e.g., FBI doesn’t delete any arrest records). If you were fingerprinted assume there is still record of it even if the record was sealed by a judge and/or expunged. For this reason complete candor is ultimately the best policy, though be prudent about what you volunteer and keep it bare bones.

My recommendation is to very carefully read the questions on the forms as you complete them. If the question is about arrests the answer is yes. If the question is about convictions the answer is no. Then be prepared to discuss what happened, openly and honestly, in any interview where the situation is questioned. Since decisions are based upon the “whole person” view, this alone, as described by you here, in my opinion, isn’t likely to cause a denial as long as you are completely honest and upfront about it.