I apologize for the long question in advance. I’m currently a fed employee for 13 years. My agency is up for a reinvestigation for a Tier 2 Public Trust clearances. About 10.5 years ago I had an altercation at my house with a former friend of mine. I had to do ARD and all the charges have been expunged. I was in my 20s at the time. Since then I haven’t had as much as parking ticket. Should I be concerned about losing my job?


Did you disclose the incident during your first investigation?


Yes, I disclosed it on my application but never had an interview. I’m just wondering if this can be readressed.


That’s strange that you are just getting a reinvestigation now at 13 years. Typically they occur at 5 year intervals. How many years ago did you get your last BI?

For the issue, unless it is something extreme (e.g. you visited Syria to fight for ISIS), issues past 9 years are not really considered.


Non-issue then. Dont worry


not at our agency, I am assuming I work at the same agency. I will not disclose the agency. My last BI was in March of 2007


Thank you all for your time.