Reinvestigation Question

I currently have an active secret clearance and by looking at my last investigation date, I should have a reinvestigation coming by the end of the year. While looking at my picture of what to expect when I complete my next SF86, I remember that I had an arrest back in 2009 for a worthless check that I paid and my record currently shows dismissed. I have 2 questions with this, for whatever reason and probably the wrong reason, I did not inform my security office of this arrest or case at the time that it happened. Do I need to tell notify them right now, 9 years after the fact? Also when completing my upcoming SF86 for renewal, do I need to list it as it was longer than the 7 year scope that this SF86 covers? Thank you for any input, I just want to make sure I do the right thing here, even though I didn’t do the right thing 9 years ago. Thanks

I believe that the form asks if you have EVER been arrested . . .

Of course, you should have reported it at the time (and I suspect that it would have been a minor issue) and even if the form asks for only seven years on an arrest the fact that you didn’t report is it’s own issue.

I would suggest that you self-report now although it may not be that different from letting them identify it. This is because reporting it now looks like you are only reporting it because of your upcoming investigation.

Thank you for the information and response. I’m hoping it doesn’t disqualify me, but it was something back then that I wasn’t exactly sure needed reporting, but now that I look back on it, I definitely should have.

My 2 cents: you should report it. When it comes to background investigations, it is better if you tell the investigators/adjudicators than it is for them to discover the negative information.