Getting a job after retirement

In 2005 and went through a nasty divorce. My then wife brought all these false accusations up and needless to say I was wrongfully convicted of second-degree assault not domestic violence. When I retire from my Current job in five years I would like to get a government civilian job but I have been told that I can’t get a security Clarence is that true?

“Can’t” is always a strong word . . . Will it be more difficult? Yes . . .

They will definitely want to scope that arrest. You will be outside the 10 year reporting for a TS. But I would speak of this to the investigator for sure. Why? Because you want to be the one to bring up potential negative issues and be able to show it was either false, out of character, or you overcame and mitigated the event. If you are on great terms now with the ex, have them write a statement. It happens. 13 years changes a lot of hearts. Do you have other similar events? If all other items are outstanding and there are no other violence related issues or charges, I believe you would clear. Did you go through counseling? Anger management? Etc? All of those speak to a person wanting to move on and past a bad patch.

I have gone thru anger management and there was a domestic violemce charge in 1996 but that was a PB&J. Thank you for your time

With two situations overall I would definitely speak to it. And the counseling portion. My advice comes from the shelf I operate on, vice that of BackgroundInvestigator. He provides excellent balance to the FSO perspective. My goal is getting employees hired and cleared, and never denied due to not understanding reporting. So I always lean towards tell them all, let them sort out what requires scoping or investigating. I would much rather have the BI person determine they did not need look into something, than ever not say something and the BI person interprets it as hiding. Some misunderstand when I say “over report.” More correctly I mean “full disclosure, no omissions.” There is a spot of nuance there. I trust the BI to make the call as to reporting or not, and this is not a subject to be taken lightly.