IC Poly and Adjudication Process


Unfortunately no movement on my progress. I have called recently to obtain a status update and was told that I am still “actively being processed”. How about yourself? Have you heard anything?


One of my pet theories is that although the intel agencies will tell you that they adjudicate on the “whole person” concept and an inconclusive poly won’t necessarily black ball you, they really want to get a nice clean polygraph exam (whatever that means) on file for you because it gives them a good baseline for when you come back in five years for an update, or should they want to do another poly for any reason.

This is purely my own theory, based on nothing except a certain level of paranoia and anxiety.:confounded:


I did all my processing in Dec 16 and had a clean poly. BI was completed Feb/Mar 17. Adjudicator emailed me on 20 Apr to request that I resend a page that I forgot to check a confirmation box on. I was told once I provided that page, I could be cleared. I called the adjudicator and confirmed it was received. It’s now been over 3 months, and my processor is still saying, per security, I’m still in adjudication! I’ve previously held a clearance for over 20 years without any incidents and have a clean record. Is it normal to take this long?


Same boat as you. But I’m still wayyy behind you. Only been a month or two since poly and BI. I feel like I’m just waiting for the dreaded rejection letter to come in. Anyway, hang in there, a good luck with everything. Hope you get clearance and everything soon!


Thanks @thebunk03. Can’t help but think the worse. But, that’s the way most of us tick when things don’t happen as quickly as we think it should. Maybe our files have just ended up in a “to be adjudicated” pile. It’s a dark hole. When I asked the adjudicator how long the adjudication process will take, I was told “We aren’t allowed to discuss that with you. Any further information will need to be obtained from your HR processor.” Hopefully, we are just worrying about nothing. Good luck and hope you get your clearance soon too!


No movement here either. I’m almost at exactly 1 year since I’ve been in adjudication. @sbusquirrel I sure hope that’s not true. I think I had an inconclusive poly and I would hope (and I believe) they can still adjudicate you on it. That being said, it would be really crappy to wait this long to ultimately end up getting a rejection letter. I’ve heard of people getting called in for a 3rd poly, but I know this is rare. Also, I feel like they wouldn’t leave you in limbo for over a year just to have you reschedule to do a 3rd poly.


@tonyb2264 @anon47 thanks.
Good luck to you guys as well. I’ll try to keep you guys posted on my end. Hopefully we all start see some movement finally.


With some agencies, a third poly is practically unheard of; with others, its not that unusual.


Those of us required to maintain them every 5…completely understand your theory, lol. I’ve waited 4 months after a Poly only to get a “we need see you again” phone call. Just part of how it all works. On average our employees take 12 to 15 months on reinvestigation and 5 months after a Poly is the norm for them to clear adjudication.


I had a successful poly in Dec 2016, was contacted by an adjudicator on 20 Apr to provide a page in the SF86 where a checkbox wasn’t checked. Said they can clear me after they received it. Since then, I’m being told by HR that I’m still in adjudication! The black hole lives on.


I’ve found after certain gates, if you call and speak to a case manager even if they tell you it is “in funding” or “in adjudication” sometimes they suddenly break free and move forward. Normally I don’t see the BI opened until 4 months in. From there another 4 months pass before contact with the investigator. If the position requires a poly, it is another 4 months and after the poly(s), another 4 to 5 months to clear. For re investigations 15 to 18 months is our norm. But I have had a few stuck for two years.


How can I find out who the case manager is? I’m down to only one contact now and they are in HR. And knowing how busy they are, my file is just one of many. Thanks.


Does that work for an IC agency? Similar to @tonyb2264, I am down to one contact in which I have a hard time getting in contact with.


The case manager is at clearance division. You…cannot. But your security POC normally can. I just called one this morning on a clearance approaching 2 years in the system.


I wouldn’t know who the security POC is. The only contact I have is in HR. And I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t reveal that info to me. IC agencies seem to be pretty stingy with any info related to my processing. :confused: I’m second guessing if they really do have the latest status on my clearance. It’s been 100 days and counting since the adjudicator contacted me. I can’t understand why it would take that long to make a decision.


You and everybody else.


@amberbunny Are you an adjudicator within the IC? I noticed you said “I just called one this morning on a clearance approaching 2 years in the system.”

My question is, do ones in the system for a long time start getting cleared in waves? Or just whenever someone notices it’s been waiting in adjudication for a year plus? I envision a stack of files just waiting to be reviewed and have a hard time not believing some go untouched for months on end.

I’m at 19 months since my SF-86 was submitted and 12 months in adjudication.


How long did it take for an adjudicator to contact you?


I’ve been in adjudication for 12 months as well


I am not an adjudicator. However, as the Security Manager as this client calls the position, I CAN reach out directly to a case manager for a an SF 86 exceeding the norms of clearing. For us that means beyond 8 months for Secret (this past year they were running 12 months), 15 to 18 months for TS. Case managers and adjudicators have turnover as any job would. If a particular SF86 requires a bit more than normal it may be set aside for a better time to process. Eventually, that gets put in the “requires a lot of attention pile” and then the employee turns over their files tot eh new one. They aren’t familiar with the case history and need get up to speed, and they get their own new workload pushing troublesome cases to the rear. Just life in the real world. There is no requirement to move a package forward before getting the next 30 packages. HR and Security need understand the proper timelines and reach out to the case managers when they get long in the tooth. If HR is, umm, domineering…Security will say “okay, its in process.” In this case Security need be the contact person and they need step up and initiate contact. Pushing for a package decision will not harm the person in the process. Period. It may influence the package a smidge but that would only happen if the case was borderline non approval. I have found when there is clear cut violations preventing clearance they act fast and deny it.