Polygraph and Adjudication

Is it possible to receive an inconclusive polygraph and still be adjudicated into a TS/SCI position? I’ve gotten that twice now on my polygraph, should I start looking for another job?

I had two inconclusive polys from two IC orgs and received favorable adjudications for TS/SCI and final job offers from both. I can’t give advice for LEOs, but most of my cohort from both IC orgs said they had “inconclusive” polys. Honestly, if this is for an IC org, and it really is the only red flag, you should stay your ground — the worst they can do for an inconclusive is give you a suitability denial, which is NOT a security clearance denial.

I think that it depends on what they found to be “inconclusive”. This only means that there is something, of some importance, where they can’t tell if you are telling the truth. How important that issue is will be for an adjudicator to determine.

Yes it’s for an IC position. They didn’t sound hopeful but I can’t tell what’s truth and what’s part of their tactics. I imagine I’ll find out soon.

Haha, they never seem hopeful —it’s a bluff to get you to make confessions. It’s what these guys live for.

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I hope that’s all it is! Has anyone with PTSD has issues with polygraphs? Any advice? I think I am having anxiety attacks because I get so worked up in there.

I treated it as “they want to trust me, I should trust them”, but yeah, and remember, everyone at the IC went through it, including the Poly administrator.