IC Poly and Adjudication Process

I felt comfortable calling once a month.

Seems like there is no way to find a contact for a\the FSO for any of the 3 letter agencies. What to do with them?

Does the FSO inform that the candidate is in adjudication? I just heard “actively processing with security”.

FSO are for Contractors and will not be at any of the 3 letter agencies.

When an HR sends an email saying “ It looks like we are waiting on the final determination from security before we can move forward with the Final Job Offer”, does that mean BI is complete and the person is in adjudication?

It sounds like it, but HR may not necessarily have that much insight into the process.

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Not necessarily. As crazy as this sounds, you can receive a suitability denial letter before HR even knows. They might not even be able to tell you for sure what the reasons are either. These are two separate departments that function independently from each other, however HR relies an security in order to complete their process, to hire you.

Is this for a contractor or federal/ direct hire position?

This is for direct federal.

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Wait…hold up. Applicants are being called back into the IC to redo medical, poly, etc after a 2+ year wait? August will be 2 years since I did my poly w/the IC for a position (still waiting for clearance to come thru)

Why is the IC…not so great at processing clearances in a timely manner? Is it a personnel shortage? Why not provide a more realistic update and timeline instead of a “You’re still actively processing, have a nice day” phone call?

Not trying to be a pedantic jerk but rather just curious, did anyone ever tell you “you are in adjudication”? Or are you assuming that with the length of time that it must have progressed to adjudication? I’m in a similar position (haven’t gotten the call to redo the machine but won’t be surprised)

Not sure if I posted this elsewhere but folks need to be aware of their own two (2) personal dates which are very informative to their current ‘state’. The first: the date the BI was reviewed and turned over to the government, the second: the date they were assigned to Adjudication. Just because you are assigned to an adjudicator does NOT mean you are being adjudicated…you’re just a package sitting in a large backlog.

For instance - I was assigned to an Adjudicator on Jan 27 as per my FSO who spoke to the customers PSD folks and by the end of July I will have been in ‘adjudication’ for six (6) months BUT the process started end of Dec in 2019 - when I turned the SF86 in completed.

At this point it is in the rearview. Of course I want it still bad as heck but I actually next month am moving into a different career than what I got my CJO for, so I am not sure if that will hurt me cause its a different career field or help me by makin me more versatile. IDK.

Ill call a day or two before the academy starts an up date my address, telephone number and employer by leaving a voicemail because Ive yet to speak to someone using my POC number.

direct hires don’t have FSOs, so that’s, unfortunately, not an option for some of us

I did first round of poly, medical etc almost 3 years ago. I have been called back to redo them because they timed out. I think covid had something to do with this but who knows. Hoping it ends well (and soon).

When I was a contractor our security rep had a really good relationship with the customer security folks and was able to find out when our files went to ‘adjudication.’ In fact one time she told me I was in “level two adjudication” or something like that… sounds like the direct hire folks relying on HR for info do not get this same amount of detail :frowning:

“Still actively processing. There is no need to return this call” *click *

“Still actively processing. There is no need to return this call” * click"

All too familiar.

When you hear something, you’ll hear something. Until then, have a beer, read a book, enjoy life.

Got my “your still actively processing. Have a nice day” curtesy call this week. :sweat_smile: Looks like they’re going through the call list this week lol

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