Incident Report in JPAS

I currently hold a Public Trust through a Defense Contractor. I asked my current employer if they would initiate a secret clearance for me, and they said they would, but 3 months had passed and they never initiated it. Another contractor recruited me during this time and as a condition of employment with the new contractor, they initiated a secret clearance request. While I am awaiting my interim clearance, the contractor I currently work (finally, and without my knowledge) tried to initiate a secret clearance. My current contractor found out I had a clearance in process already with another contractor and they are angry and Iā€™m not sure what they are going to do to me. Can my current employer do anything to upend the new clearance that the new company initiated for me, such as starting an incident report or some other means? I am still working for my current employer with no disciplinary actions ever taking against me and I have good job reviews. Thanks

If the investigation is in progress your prospective employer can use it and obtain ownership of it. Your investigation results belong to the government and anyone can use it.

Your current employer cannot do anything legally to upend your clearance process. Initiating a clearance investigation with another agency is not a security incident.

Also, your current employer could not initiate a secret clearance without your knowledge as you would be required to fill out the SF86 on E-QIP. Once you fill out the SF-86, you have essentially agreed to undergo the investigation process.

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