Incomprehensible: New Tier 3/3R Case Matrices

I would like to know whose bad dream is responsible for the foundation of the new Tier 3/3R matrix that is being rolled out this month. Investigators and reviewers have until the end of October to study and pass a required training assessment for the case types that are replacing the old ANACI and NACLCs. Completely counter-intuitive and extremely difficult to follow, the guidance is supposed to represent an ‘improvement’ in the way case coverage is conducted. The contractor I work for gave us two hours to study and take the quiz which requires a perfect score to move forward. Never mind you are given unlimited attempts, it took me four hours, and even then, I had to get help to figure out some of the questions. Word is, I’m not alone. If this is the future of fieldwork, heaven help us all. It is shambolic to say the least. Ridiculously complex. Wars over interpretation between reviewers and investigators will only worsen. This is it for me. I’ve had enough. After a dozen good years, it’s time for a new career. The people who conjured up this abomination represent everything that is wrong with government bureaucracy: needlessly complex and burdensome to administrate. Time to get back to basics. Good luck to those who survive this.

I had the exact same thoughts when competing the training (and the same issues with trying to guess some of the correct answers with no way to advance the test). It is going to be an absolute nightmare to work those cases. I love all the variations too (some things require dispositions only, some require copies of the actual records- good luck with that). There is going to be a lot of wasted time and a lot of required coverage being written off. And with reimbursement for records, how can I guarantee the charge is going to be under the allowed reimbursement. There really is no logic to it whatsoever.

Completely ridiculous system and even worse implementation, sounds like we got the same instructions and teston the Fed side.


This is also confusing for those who designate position risk levels and initiate e-QIPs. There has been little or no communication from OPM to prepare agencies for the transition, as well as no word at all when Tiers 4 and 5 will be implemented.

Tiers 4 and 5 are rolling out during 10/2016.