Incorrect information about past experiences


You say "reinstate your interim Secret" which seems to indicate you did not have a background investigation completed and granted a final clearance?


Hello, Yes, I was granted "interim Secret" (Determined Eligibility) which I believe it is not final. I do not know whether the investigation was completed or not because the company I worked was small and had no formal FSO which HR manger managed everything on clearance matter. The HR manager said my clearance was terminated once I told the company I am leaving the job. So I am not sure whether it was completed or not and that incident was last year early December. So if I were to fill out new sf-86 on this new job, I was going to come up with the truth upfront about my misconduct but it seems I do not need to fill out new one. I am still willing to contact the investigator (whomever he/she is) and talk about this issue. (even before when the investigator actually wants to conduct an interview).


It sounds like your investigation was discontinued once you left employment from your previous company. What should happen is your FSO should either initiate a new e-QIP/SF86 which would get submitted to OPM or have you fill out an SF86C on which you would list all changes in information from when you last filled out the SF86 and submit that to OPM to complete the portions of investigation that were not previously completed. There are too many unknowns in your situation to be sure, but you should just let your FSO work the process and wait for instructions.


Marko, here is exact timeline, 9/5/16- sf86 submitted. 11/7/16- notified by HR manager that I was granted interim secret and told me to sign on SF-312 and returned to her. ( the project was going to start around Mar-17 which I actually never accessed classified material) 12/1/16- I left the job since I felt guilty of misconduct etc.. (HR manager told my clearance will be terminated). 1/31/17- got a new job which requires clearance and situation as explained above. My concern is that whatever I should fill out or not, I am willing to talk about my misconduct on past false employment upfront and asking for forgiveness.


I'm not going to ask what this misconduct may or may not have been, but you really need to come to grips with the facts of the situation and be prepared to provide a concise and straightforward account of the matter if you ever have to talk to an investigator. They've heard it all before and will appreciate the candor. Good Luck!


Hello, When you scroll up , you will see what it is about. Summary: stating as a part time job which I was not an employee there that I just went to the market store several times on helping people there since my friends worked there.


Oh I didn't realize this was you! The HR manager said your clearance would be terminated because of that? As others have noted, it really doesn't seem like such a big deal. I hope things work out for you, try not to stress out too much (I know that is easier said than done)


Thanks, it may or may not be a big deal but the fact I falsified information really bothers me whether it is something that means nothing or something big. I should have not exaggerated it. Yes, I hope things work out.


Terminated as meaning the investigation process will be terminated (withdrawn) since I am leaving the position which I no longer need clearance at that time. (Not because of misconduct etc..)


Yes, I see that now. I did not read back to the top. Hopefully you will get another opportunity here pretty soon. And by the way, there are lots of people out there with much more brazen lies on their resume than this! I'm not saying its right but a lot of people tend to overinflate their qualifications quite a bit, and not about some summer job they had as a kid either.

best of luck!