Investigator questions about pot investments

Hello investigators,

I recently received notice that a person received an SOR based on their investment in a company growing/producing marijuana.

Per ODNI policy, this is considered a violation of adjudicative guideline H, drug involvement.

Are investigators asking interviewees questions regarding their financial investments now?

Or, is this something that comes up in a background check?

Seems like the former.

Any info - and policy, if there is one - would be helpful. Thanks!

I don’t see how such an investment would show up on a background check. My guess is that, one way or another, this was self-reported. Keep in mind, this “investment” may not have been a stock purchase but a loan to a family member building a growing business or even a partnership in a business. It may have simply come up during conversation with the investigator.

I agree that it’s highly unlikely that it’s part of a background check.

However, I also don’t think most cleared personnel are familiar enough with the adjudicative guidelines - not to mention the ODNI’s policy on drug involvement, or OPM’s similar policy - that they would self-report.

That is why I asked if investigators are asking people, during the subject interview, if they have any financial investments in marijuana (growth, distribution, etc.)

Asked and answered . . . I don’t think that they are asking about it but it might come up in an interview and partnerships and loans to family or friends are open issues.

If you have a more specific question, ask . . .