Is BI a stepping stone for IC career?

placenamehere, it would mean that the applicant has an active Top Secret clearance which is verifiable in one of the aforementioned systems. It may also mean to include if conditions are right the company has the ability to activate a TS clearance based on a favorable adjudication as previously discussed. Some companies/agencies only have access to certain systems (i.e., they may have access to JPAS but not Scattered Castles).You might apply for that intelligence analyst position with the optimistic outlook that if you were hired a cognizant FSO was astute enough to identify the location of your adjudicated investigation and activate a clearance based on that. I understand the process varies between agencies and the other slippery thing called reciprocity. A recent posting on the blog here discusses reciprocity Why Isn't Reciprocity Standardized? Perhaps it would help as previously suggested to speak to a knowledgeable person who has themselves completed the process or contact the organization you ultimately intend to work for and discuss the most viable path for obtaining the required clearance for that job. Good luck to you.