Is it normal to be told you passed poly immediately after examination?

New to this forum, so thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

I recently completed a psych eval and CI poly. Is it standard practice for the poly examiner to notify me immediately afterwards that I passed and was overthinking during the examination? (To my knowledge, candidates are not typically notified.) Is there any reason for them to tell me I passed poly if I didn’t?

  • Poly ended, examiner came back and told me I passed, I was likely overthinking throughout the process.
  • Examiner said that the results were being turned over to adjudication. The examiner made sure to let me know that the results they got were not typically questioned, but if they were to be questioned, I’d be asked to return for another poly.
  • HR rep told me to notify the hiring official that I had passed and that I should wait for a notice (of what, I have no idea) within 7 days

Interviewed for a (billeted) position, got CJO from an IC agency, completed the SF86 and BI had already begun before I went for psych eval and CI poly. Process seems to be moving very quickly, or in reverse order. (I currently work for the military in non-clearance position and have some knowledge of the clearance process)

Just keep in mind that successfully “passing” the poly and getting the final adjudication are two separate steps.

But to answer your question (sort of), it is a much better sign to be told you passed than to be accused of being a drug dealing terrorist. Which has happened.

As for the “overthinking” part, who knows.


I was told I passed immediately after completion also. That was almost two months ago now, and haven’t been notified of having to come back or anything. My recruiter said there are no notices in her system that they need anything more from me.

Have you already done your subject interview with the background investigator, or have they contacted your references?


I was notified of needing to come back right after my first poly… while passing my second poly, I was informed that I “passed”.

That was in March when I “passed”… as of now, I have yet to hear from a BI. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this process.

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The steps after your poly depend on the agency you are processing with. Some do them at the very beginning before the BI, some do them at the very end, so without knowing who you’re processing with, no one can really tell you what to expect next.

Except for a long wait. You can expect that regardless.


To answer your question, no, it is not normal to be told you passed the polygraph immediately afterwards. The norm is for the polygraph operator to leave the examinee who has passed uncertain about the outcome. Congratulations on passing!

2 Likes, yes, this is exactly how it happened to me.

Trust what they tell you…as much as you would trust a timeshare salesman.


My recruiter kept telling me “you should hear from an investigator soon!”… That was three months ago. She’s very nice, but I dont trust a single timeline she’s sent me, and I’ve already exceeded them all.

The nice, peppy attitude always gets me hopeful… they definitely have the sales pitch down.


@Batdog123… I have a sneaking suspicion, we have the same woman. …lol


That’s honestly comforting to hear. I’ve been pretty wary of every step in the process, not like someone is out to get me, though. I’m just aware that the process is complicated. I made it clear to my current place of employment that I am actively being investigated but there is no final job offer and it may be a long time before I even get any sort of notice otherwise. Investigator already came and spoke to my current supervisor and my coworkers, so that was slightly awkward and caused the rumor mill to start churning.

I’ve already done my subject interview with the investigator and my references have been contacted. I guess it’s just a waiting game.

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I’m not sure, I’m in more of a mission support type position, nothing technical.

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@eatgymrepeat I was told that I passed at the end of my poly, now whether or not that is normal practice…who knows. That was back in March and I’m still just waiting on next steps.


@Rkf4ever… same here. :man_facepalming:t5: