Polygraph Results

I see some people post about knowing whether they passed the polygraph or not immediately after completing the polygraph(s).

Does anyone if there’s a reason why you may not get told the result, regardless of what the result is?

I’ve never been through the process (but I will be going through it in the next few months hopefully, pending the COVID-19 situation) but my understanding is that ALL polygraph results go through QA before a determination of suitability is made, regardless of whether or not the polygraph examiner has an initial gut feel of whether or not the applicant “passed” immediately after the exam (and again, based on what I’ve read, it is not unusual for the examiner to have an idea of what the results will be before they are QA’d).

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I’ve been polygraphed before… and I always get some sort of answer. This one didn’t quite go that way, which is why i was curious

I had my polygraph just yesterday and I didn’t get any results from the examiner. He told , “I can tell if someone is failing but I didn’t see that with you but then, I can’t tell you failed or passed because it has to go to the headquarters for decision.” I guess it depends on the agency, I read it somewhere and they got results.

The CIA doesn’t discuss or disclose polygraph results, even under the Privacy Act.

Does anyone know (professionally) or deduced (personally) where in the chain requests for second polygraphs come from?

Back in August I did my BI interview and Poly, the interview was fine but my Poly was so-so…all day affair resulting in a ‘unresolved’ state. As of Jan 13 I was told by my CJO (who asked PSD) that I was being assigned to an Adjudicator. If my Poly isn’t acceptable and they want a 2nd I would have expected an internal Polygraph review to request that before it being submitted as part of the final package? Or do they just kick up anything that isn’t outright failures and leave it to the final authority to say the Poly’s are acceptable?

Speaking purely from my own experience and what people have told me about their own experiences, I’ve never known anyone who did not walk out of the polygraph room knowing that they “passed” or were “successful” who was later granted a clearance.

One time a security type person (with much more experience in these matters than I have) did tell me that it does happen sometimes. I can only imagine that the customer security office sent the polygraph results for a second level of QC (after whatever was said on the day of the exam) and somebody further up the chain must have said, yeah, this is OK.