Is my clearance still active?

I was cleared for a TS on May 2018 by DHS and held a position with them until Nov 2019 when l left. From my understanding a clearance remains active as long as it’s within scope (5yrs) and less than 2 years in break in service. I managed to accept a tentative offer with DOJ within those 2 years on Oct 2021. I was told by HR my background cleared fully for a TS and I’m waiting for a final offer pending an available class date. I suspect that DOJ must of reciprocated my TS and is holding it until final offer since they never had to interview me or any references just filled out EQip and fingerprints.

I’m now considering a position with DHS that requires a TS, but I am unsure what my clearance status is. Is it considered inactive due to the lapse in service, or does the ownership of my clearance being with DOJ maintain my clearance eligibility without having to undergo a new background investigation?

This may sound like a lot of hair splitting but the fact is right now you do not have ANY clearance. You may be eligible for access to classified information based on that May 2018 investigation.

In a situation like this it is up to the new employer (or their government customer) to decide if they will accept the most recent investigation or if they will want to do a new one.