Issues with live-in family member using CBD oil?

Living in a state with MJ is legal. Of course I know my obligations but could a live-in family member using CBD oil or MJ at all affect my ability to obtain and keep a clearance? Is this one of those situations where they wouldn’t care but just need to report it to someone? I disclosed my previous MJ use but also indicated that I would not be risking my job or family over what the US deems illegal drugs.

Yes . . . I suspect a member of your household smoking would be a problem. CBD? I’m not as sure about…

Would be interested to know. Family just moved in recently and one has been thinking about taking it for medical reasons regardless. Can’t believe that would affect job security having nothing to directly do with me since the feds allowed states to make the decision and I still wouldn’t be doing it but that’s life. Guess disabled family members are going to have to get kicked out if they have to start doing it.

Marijuana CBD oil isn’t legal from the federal point of view. There’s been no studies on its benefits anyways.

Hemp CBD oil is legal.