Not your usual MJ Question

The Mrs is struggling with an awful chronic pain condition and just can’t tolerate the prescribed medication (it’s worse than the disease) and won’t rely on opioids for many reasons. She went through the process and got a medical marijuana card. I do a fair good job of keeping clear of her when she’s taking her medication, nor do I handle it. She even takes steps to mitigate the associated smell. I do take her to the dispensary from time to time when the pain prevents her from driving. I just received my clearance and am probably over reacting but, does her use in the house and my knowledge of same have any bearing on my clearance?

Obviously, it’s perfectly legal in our state but it’s a federal issue, one that I wish they would just get over already.

Thanks for any input.


In talking to my FSO there was a person who’s child required it. The official word was they needed to have someone else in their family help their child get it. This person was literally told they could not help their own kid receive the medical care they were prescribed. Kind of a grey area about if they were allowed to associate with their own kid who was a known user. This is a young child with MS mind you, not their adult kid just toking for fun.

I would talk to your FSO and see what guidance they give.

@Mdfgj - Thanks much for the input. She’s definitely not doing this for fun, in fact, she seeks out the types of legal products that have the least impact on judgment and clarity but still provide some pain relief. That’s really quite awful about a parent not being able to help their child to get needed meds… I’ll refrain from jumping on my high horse though. I’ll have a chat with the powers that be and see what guidance I can get. Thanks again.


I would advise you to not be involved in the purchase of the drug in any manner. You have to separate yourself from it as much as possible. I would also advise that she look into using an edible and not smoke anything. The last thing you need is a failed drug test due to continued exposure.

This is an incredibly complicated situation that you are in thanks to the Federal government’s reluctance to get on the same page as states. It is something that you will likely have to discuss as driving her to the dispensary and allowing her to use your shared income could easily be construed as being involved in the sale and transport of illicit drugs. Obviously her medical prescription and the legality of use in the state should provide some mitigating circumstances, but until our politicians get a clue, this issue will continue to remain relatively complicated.

Due the best that you can to maintain your integrity and ask yourself what is more important, your wife or your job. If your agency decided to revoke your clearance for her medical use alone, then they might not be the right fit for you.