Spouse needs Medical Marijuana

Good day;

I have searched the forum but found nothing in the last18 months that addresses my situation.

I am a contractor with active TS; my wife has been treated for Leukemia since August and is now being advised to consider Medical Marijuana. While I have no intention of sampling any of her products, I am her caregiver and will be shopping on her behalf.

I plan to discuss this matter with the FSO because I believe such a situation should be documented accordingly. Should I do anything else?

Thanks in advance for your response.

That is an interesting question is there any update? Unfortunately I could see this going badly due to drug involvement is looked at and not just drug use so they could deny based off the purchase, possession, distribution, you name it, without consideration on medical grounds since marijuana is not cleared federally for medical use and is federally classified as a schedule 1 drug. I can definitely see how you would be in a very tough position being pulled being caring for your wife and the need to keep your clearance to be able to provide for your family. How did this turn out?

Definitely get advice from your FSO and if this is just advise to your spouse you may want to reconsider. Times are a changing and hopefully very soon but they haven’t changed yet and not everyone is happy about the changes.

Thank you, @HR2C and @Weeble for following up.

My wife was troubled with the idea of using medical marijuana, but I pursued the endeavor on my own regardless.

My FSO and I had a long talk. While I anticipated that being up-front about the considered care would have bought me some kind of immunity, the answer was that I could not have any involvement in purchasing or distributing medical marijuana to my wife under any circumstance.

In the end, she declined going forward. On January 23 she succumbed to Leukemia, making this topic moot for me.

I am so sorry to hear about your loss.

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So very sorry for your loss. I for one appreciate you wanted your spouse as comfortable as possible. The FSO was correct about ensuring you remain completely apart from shopping/buying/transferring etc. As the majority of states legalize, and the feds have continued difficulty with recruitment and retention…I predict there will be reform in this area. But for now they refuse to accept it.

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Thank you for your condolences.

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Brother hug my man. Its all I have, but I give it. Please consider grief counseling. It is something that helped me personally navigate a surprise divorce. And…I almost lost my clearance eligibility due to a ridiculous decision I made in my grief to take someone else’s prozac. After its medicinal effect kicked in, numbed my ego and feelings I went to the Doctor and got my own RX. I didn’t want to ask for help and my pain clouded my judgement significantly. I did reclear but had to revisit this painful time sitting through 4 polygraphs. Now? If a tragedy befell me Im at my doctors ofgice that day for some help. There isnt a stigma admitting emotions are overwhelming. And neither counseling nor med support will stop you from a clearance or maintaining one.
Hang in there but please seek professional help. It saved my life.

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