Cancer...THC and MJ use

Interesting situation. Sanitized to protect privacy, but help us understand this world. An employee has fast onset of cancer. Aggressive. They currently sit in a TS SCI Full Scope Polygraph position, currently able to work and have had a few surgeries…but overall prognosis is grim. Chemo seems to be preferred method but they doubt it stops this cancer. The contractor opens conversation with a government security officer regarding intent to use THC. Bad move. Very bad move. They should have asked our office. I would give ethical, secure inputs on what can and cannot be used. Too late. The discussion was reported…intent to violate state law and federal law. New problem: potential reinvestigaiton, and poly. Fail poly, lose clearance. Lose clearance, lose job. Lose job, lose health insurance. Now what? I so wish the employee would have sought our help first. If they feel the need to violate law and use…everything is on the line. One can open endless ethical quandaries and discussions as to when would the next routine poly be? Would you use knowing you just may die prior? What if you beat cancer and on routine poly you must own up to knowingly using THC? Was it worth it? Or, you die before next poly. Sorry for blunt topic. Fascinating situation to be a part of as it plays out. I would never tell an employee to use it and say nothing.I can only give them the legal answer. And also advise to never open a can of worms such as this with the government client. Nobody should answer these rabbit hole questions…but the mind plays out "if one had 5 years to the next poly…would they use…and play the odds? Come clean then? Expect to die and say WTHeck…I will work, have clearance, job, pay, insurance…knowing they are in violation…if a person threatened to tell on them, a supplier perhaps…black mail is a real possibility to a person needing insurance and income. This is required reporting and I followed through with my own as well. Thoughts?

Do the MJ and worry about the consequences later. I’d rather be in less pain and take the chance to see my family. No intent to disclose any secrets of course.

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My thoughts,

I would do anything possible to prolong my life, losing my job would be the very last thing on my mind if I were in her shoes. I understand the insurance issue and all that but, she has not got to that point yet. All of the possible scenarios you mention above, black mail etc, does not mean jack to someone dying of Cancer.

Deal with the current situation at hand, considering she may be terminal, just enjoy every moment, until the last moment.

I know from experience because my step-mom died of lung Cancer practically overnight, all the things you describe did not even cross our minds.

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Such a great topic too. What if THC was legalized within the next couple of years before her poly was due. Say that she ended up just taking the THC and then the poly was after, she would be in another type of situation as well. I wish there was a way to send a PM on this site. @amberbunny I have a question that I would like to ask you, but cannot think of a way to send it.

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PM’s would be a great function. It is one thing to deal with these things in a PERSEC training class. Another one sitting with an employee. Throw in the Health Information privacy rules and restrictions there is only so much I am told from corporate. I don’t see the federal restriction being lifted any time soon. Even if the executive branch launched an idea just to throw the legislative branch into a tizzy…which is possible with current cast of characters. But it is nothing that would be decided in time for this employee. I am aware of waivers granted for operational level client employees on the down low. This contract is a support contract and I seriously doubt that consideration would be granted. I suppose a terminal diagnosis can change any of our priorities. Live like you are dying…