It has been 10 months since I completed all the tasks

I completed the last steps of my security clearance last June. The last thing I successfully completed was the Poly/mental evaluation. I am still waiting for an answer. My recruiter keeps telling me that “you’re in the suitability period. We are just waiting for security team to give us the green light”.
I am a naturalized American citizen who has ties to relatives back home. I have also traveled abroad a lot. I think this is prolonging my process.

What is your take on my situation ?

Since you say you had a poly and a psych eval I assume this is for a position within the intel community (IC) and yes they do give extra scrutiny to naturalized citizens with foreign connections. This can lead to longer processing times, although I am not sure that any additional investigation actually takes place… just waiting for more people to sign off on things.

You’re correct! It is in that field.
After reading other’s ordeal I figured that it had to do with my foreign connections and travels. I guess I’ll just go about my business and just wait for them to one day contact me with an answer.