How long does it take?

I am a naturalized citizen and I have been waiting more than 3 years to get my final top secret clearance. I did poly and had interviews with FBI investigator to clear some issues. The position I applied for was in 2011, and I am still waiting. I just wanted to know if this normal to take that long ?

Something is amiss if it has been three years. Are you sure an investigation was actually completed? Were you actually offered a position or was it a requirement to have an investigation done before being selected? Sounds to me as if you were being considered for a position but because of issues you have been passed over. At least that is what it sounds like according to your description.

I was offered a position, and was hired pending the clearance, and every time i ask the company about the status of the process, they tell me it is still processing. I was told it will take more than 2 years for naturalized citizens. Just want know someone else had same situation. Thank for yor reply.

The two year time frame you mention is not accurate, even with investigations that have issues. Were you issued a statement of reasons or letter of interrogatory? If not there should not be any valid reason for granting you a clearance by now.

I have not received a letter of interrogatory or anything else. Do you see this situation as odd or unusual ?

Only if you are waiting for SCI eligibility would it take so long, which is what I am guessing you are waiting for. You should already have been adjudicated for the TS.

Yes it SCI eligibility. So, this length of time to process is normal ?

It is not usual, but at the same time it is not unheard of either. The agency granting eligibility prioritizes the applications and works on them as they can, and if there is information that is difficult to verify then it takes longer.

I would make a written inquiry to have them provide you the status and if there are issues then they have to provide you due process.

Well, finally I heard from the company and they informed me that my security clearance process was cancelled but not denied, with no further explanation. I do not know what to make of it. Any suggestions?

More than likely the company was keeping you on a string just in case they needed you, but either filled the position with someone else or lost the bid to a contract that they wanted. Corporate politics is all about money, not people.