Hi everybody if you can give me some advice

I recently applied for PSS/interpreter/translator position which requires security clearance.
the whole processing was was going pretty fast until now . its been couple of weeks since i was told to wait for that security clearance application or form .but i have not receive it…My question is… how long does it typically take for a sponsoring company to request the security clearance application for its future employee ? should i apply for somewhere else since ? i would really appreciate for the help.

Usually fast. Because the process takes a long time. I would call them and let them know you have not received it.

Thank you for your response. i did call my recruiter and his answer was … i will get you your security clearance paperwork when i am able… this conversion was after conditional offer . so what should i do now?

Wait. Until he is able. This is a long process, he is likely one deep and taking care of stuff by priority. Meanwhile you can go on line and download the current version, start collecting the necessary data: all residences and jobs last ten years, verifiers for each in the last 3 years, 3 character references knowing you ten years total, etc

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Do you know if it typically takes long from the recruiter/HR applying for the security clearance application on my behalf? it has now been over 3 weeks and I just want to know how much longer will it approximately take. I understand this is a long process but it I haven’t even received the application and after that I am aware it will take months . How much longer should I wait ? Is it normal that is taking this long just for the application?

Many companies will conduct their own background “quicker than government” check to see if they have a high chance of a candidate clearing. Many get a suitability denial from the company meaning they have not even entered clearance processing. I would notify HR you have not received the package. If they tell you to wait…wait, but pursue other opportunities as they present themself.