JPAS... Clearance.. SAC from OPM


I obtained a security clearance back in 2006 from DoNCAF. On my JPAS the clearance is showed in the adjudication summary.

– PSI Adjudication of NACLC OPM Opened XXX, Closed XXX. Determined Eligibility of Secret on 2006 XXXX DoNCAF –

Then I joined the Army and they opened a SAC from OPM (back in 2010), and another SAC now in the reserves (and ROTC) (I dont know what is this).

My question is… I am going as an Officer in May 2015 (my clearance will be still active until late 2016), Does I need to do a new investigation now or in 2016 when my clearance is up? Does that “SOC from OPM” was a quick “lookup” of my clearance?

The JPAS print out that I have is current (I got it last week).

I am asking because I had some credit problems that I am taking care of.


Thank you