Latest Security Clearance Processing Times for DoD/Industry


If you’re applying for a Department of Defense contractor security clearance, or up for reinvestigation, here’s a run down of the current timelines for the fastest 90 percent of applicants. Secret clearance processing times are largely the same (and still behind ideal timelines), but Top Secret investigation times increased by another 30 days in the first quarter of 2018, and are now at more than 530 days for the fastest 90 percent of applicants:


And of course we tend not to hear from those fastest 90 percent :slight_smile:

Wait I just had a delayed reaction… they’re ADMITTING that it is taking over a year? For the fastest 90 percent? Wow. So all you folks coming up on the two year (730 days) mark, you’re not that much of an unusual case anymore.


But here is the thing that my investigation was recently completed so I am hoping that adjudication time is still currect for Top Secret which is 20 to 90 days.


Unfortunately, the Intelligence Community hasn’t released a comprehensive report on security clearance processing times, the size of the cleared population, or reasons for denial since 2015.

Do you know when an updated report will be available?


Unfortunately, we don’t know why the ODNI stopped publishing the report in the first place, or if they will do so again! Legislation currently pending would provide more regular updates on the security clearance process and timelines, but until that is signed into law, everything is pretty ad hoc. I’ll keep you posted.


Are the listed number of days counted as calendar days or workdays only ?

I’m hitting 230 days today for Secret DoD/Industry … :expressionless:


It’s calendar days, thank goodness. Even still, this news broke about 700,000 hearts. :disappointed_relieved: