Current Timelines

I am seeking a Secrete Clearance with the DoD. Have had my e-Quip submitted since June 10th 2020 but was denied interim clearance. I heard a statistic was released recently about the fastest 90% of cases are closed with 65 days. (excluding adjudication). I am wondering where this stands as of today… has anyone else been in the process as long as me? I am really wanting to hear back from the investigator soon. I feel I have covered all my bases to make sure the SF-86 was perfect… ready to get to work!!

the current timeline is 56 days for the fastest 90% of investigations. Mine has been in investigation since mid May and didn’t hear anything yet. No calls, emails, interviews, credit pulls, etc.

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Yeah those timelines are measured in some kind of alternate time-space continuum and apply to the fastest 90% of imaginary cases :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Just keep in mind that the person who interviews you may not be the only person working on your case, and just because they finish their piece doesn’t mean the investigation is done.

Timelines are getting shorter but patience is still highly recommended in this process.


From the recent DSCA report, “the average time to complete a Top Secret investigation is currently down to 79 days.”

Had my subject interview about 130 days after my paperwork was submitted. A bit of foreign travel, but nothing questionable (it seemed) and no foreign contacts. Pretty straightforward job/ school history. And yet…