Listing all email addresses used?

Quick question. I’m in the private sector and considering applying for some jobs in the federal space. These will require a clearance. I’ve been through this process before as I did an internship in the IC about about 10 years ago. I had a thought and a bit of a unique situation though.

I’ve been working as an OSINT analyst for a long time in the private sector, and because of the nature of that job I have created a huge number of email addresses and social media accounts. I’ve also created dummy email accounts for personal use if I didn’t feel like using my actual personal email for something. If I thought the data might be sold or whatever, or to get discount codes for stuff.

I remember way back in the day I was asked to provide all the email addresses I have ever used. Is that a standard form question? Because I can’t possibly remember them all, And if I did some of them were used for what would appear to be sketchy ■■■■ (which was part of my job).

I have never asked a Subject to provide EVERY email EVER used. I just ask for any email they currently use that may be a means to contact them (current work email, current personal email, current military email, etc) this usually does not extend past 2 - 5 email addresses. We just need to confirm contact info so we can contact you easily for the investigation. If you move during the investigation your phone and address may change but if we have current email info we can still reach you. If the email address is not monitored and does not provide a legitimate way to reach you then there is really no need for it…

Now when you said some were used for sketchy———-, that may or may not need to be discussed depending on what you did and who you did it for. If the employer you did it for was not the U.S. government doing classified work then this may be an issue. A private employer doing sketchy things should be discussed.

100% agree with @HR2C. Never heard anyone ask for all that. Also, No idea what your employer was asking you to do, but from a purely professional, legal standpoint, you’re not supposed to mix personal and business emails. If you used personal email (including creating business email addresses using personal info) for business, the investigators will probably need to know about that.

None of what I created for work was a mix of personal info. Just the opposite, it was all created on virtual machines and designed to be untraceable by anyone we might be investigation. Cyber criminals or people threatening executives as an example. We had law enforcement liaisons and a legal departments. Everything is above board legally. When I said “sketch” I meant abnormal, not legally questionable.

Thanks for the information. To be clear, when I say “sketch” I mean that in a light sense. An example would be creating a email address to create stock puppet social media account to using in investigations, so violating the ToS of the social media platforms in some cases. I don’t mean sketchy as in legally questionable. This was all supervised by legal departments.