New Investigation Process

I have a quick question regarding investigation procedures. I have had a clearance for 18+ years not including my recent 18 months away from the DoD arena.

With that being said, I recently started with a company. The program informed me of ongoing monitoring, right to request an investigation at anytime, must maintain a relationship with family and various other items. Since I have been there, they have been actively monitory my workstation, personal mobile and email accounts. I do not remember having to go through any of this during any of my previous investigations.

I have been told - I should not have left the industry and they need to vet me. Is this process new? Is anyone else experiencing this?

Monitoring your company-owned workstation, not at all unusual.

Monitoring your personal mobile and email? Have not heard of that. And this is the employer doing this, not the government?

I’d say they are overstepping their bounds and should not have been able to require you to consent to this… but I’m not a lawyer or anything.

I would never recommend working at a place that monitors you in such a way that you’ve described. Enjoy.

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It appears, to me, that someone is violating your rights . . . A consultation with a lawyer will not likely cost you a dime.

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They say that they are trying to vet me. I will look into speaking with an attorney. Thanks.