Listing Foreign Countries You have visited and connecting flights

I am just wondering if anybody knows whether or not you should list a foreign country you have visited if it was a connecting flight? I had stayed in Netherlands for 3 days on my way to another country and then Iceland for 8 hours on the way back? Do I list this?

Others please correct me if I’m wrong but I believe you have to list every country you ever have ever stepped foot in. Even if it was 8 hours I believe it should be listed. It won’t hurt you, only if you hide it and they find it.

If you didn’t go through customs I suspect that it could be argued that you didn’t visit the country but why bother splitting hairs?

List it and explain. Is there a reason that you don’t want to list the country that you stopped in?

List it and say exactly what it was. I actually scheduled a flight to Barcelona with a stopover in Moscow. Later it changed to Germany and I felt much better about that. Just did not want any association with Moscow requiring explanation.