Asking about specific countries in foreign travel

During my clearance process I was asked whether I travelled to a specific country in 2015, that is, Costa Rica. I never have been there, and I thought the question was very strange, since I put down on the SF86 the countries I have been to.

Does anyone know why they would ask about a specific country like that?

Could be that a neighbor/friend/coworker was interviewed and said you had been there so they’re trying to resolve the discrepancy.


That’s certainly a possibility! Thanks.

Yes that is a possibility. Sources may think of things from mere passive convo with and just mistaken what was said, but investigator have to ask to verify and be sure it was just a misunderstanding.

Have you taken cruise and stopped there as part of the trip?

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I didn’t but probably one of my contacts made the mistake. No biggie I guess.